Teamwork at Your Team Meeting

Teamwork at Your Team Meeting

Have an upcoming Team meeting? Excel Group is your partner to help you build superior teamwork for results. After discussing your needs, using DISC behavioural technology our certified practitioners work with your team for an engaging "edutational" off site (or in house) "Teamshop- Communiacting for Team Success". Each team member will receive their own personalized XL Team Talent Profile (English and/or French) and:

    1) Gain understanding of their motivators and preferred communication style 

    2) Discover the preferred communication styles of their team members and 

     3) Learn how to work together to optimize collaboration for results. 

NOTE: our Teamshops are delivered for groups of 15-80participants. For group sizes over 80 we have a conference format.

Excel Comm for Success 2017.pdf

Contact us today with an overview of your team meeting and any questions. We're here to help.

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