Understanding Disc Behavioural Style Intelligence.

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About DISC Behavioural Profiles.

Organizations don't get results, people do.
With that said, understanding and leading people and teams starts with self-awareness. Behavioural Intelligence helps individuals understand their own work and communication styles as well as the communication preferences of their colleagues and customers in order to enhance effectiveness. In companies it is said that people "quit their boss" more than they quit the organization.
DISC is an online profiling instrument that looks at four dimensions of human behaviour: (Dominance) (Influence) S (Steadiness) C (Compliance). Knowing your calibration on each of these dimensions gives you insight for self-awareness and understanding others. (See a disc overview on our blog or request a complimentary e-summary below)

Many organizations that understand the benefits of  DISC assessments  are using them to win the war on talent.

Top 10 Benefits of using XLDISC+ profiles for teams and individuals:
  1. Leaders/team members gain better self awareness and understanding of how they currently impact others.
  2. Increased team effectiveness through understanding and adapting communication. 
  3. Additional data for talent selection to assist in determining job and organizational culture fit. 
  4. Enhances onboarding effectiveness and coaching process from their manager once hired.
  5. Reduced mismanagement resulting from miscommunication.
  6. Increased talent retention.
  7. Enhanced customer satisfaction and sales through superior client communications.
  8.  Less workplace stress.
  9.  Reduced costly turnover.

* Complimentary profiles provided to organizations of 250 employees or more, or to consultants working with large organizations.

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