What are the typical group sizes for your Team Meeting sessions?

Client off site/in-house team meetings typically have group sizes of 20-60 participants. For conference sizes, we customize the delivery for 70-1000 participants. For diversity of behavioral styles in a group to provide experiential learning and economic viability, we suggest a minimum of 16 participants.

How does the process work with behavioral profiles?

All participants for Team or Management Sessions complete a quick online survey (15mins) a few weeks before the meeting/conference. Each participant receives a soft (PDF) copy for review 2 days before the even and then a hard copy at the event.

What geographic areas do you work in?

With facilitators based in Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Florida and Belgium we serve many clients in Canada and the US. (in both French and English) From Toronto, Collingwood, Niagara On The Lake, Banff Springs and Montreal, to Tampa, LA, Belgium or Jamaica it is common for our facilitators to serve clients wherever they need us.

Does each participant receive a behavioral profile?

Yes. Each participant receives a personalized behavioral communication profile for their team meeting or conference. Each participant's profile is generated by an online survey they complete (about 12mins) approximately 10 days in advance of their session.

Do you customize for sales teams?

Yes. Why do some sales professionals succeed more than others? One factor is the ability to read and adapt to the style of the buyer/customer. Research shows that customers/clients prefer to purchase from people who exhibit a similar behavioural style to their own. Excel Group's Behavioural Selling shows sales professionals how to understand and adapt to customer/client personalities for superior client relationships, sales volume and profits.