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"Organizations don't achieve results - people do."

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"Organizations don't achieve results - people do."
Excel Group has worked with enough organizations to know that a culture of engaged teams of people and effective leaders produces superior results. For over twenty years, Excel Group has worked with a vast enough selection of clients to experience and observe that fact amidst changing customer markets. Using leading edge behavioural technology we're passionate about helping organizations enhance team and leadership effectiveness with our engaging interventions. From technology firms and government leaders in Ottawa (French and English), national sales organizations, international healthcare and accounting firms, to US Marine Command at Quantico, our clients represent diverse industries and geographic areas.

We help organizations achieve superior results through solutions in core performance areas:
We serve clients at meetings and conferences in Canada, the U.S. and the Caribbean.

Contact us for a free phone consultation about your upcoming conference or off-site/in-house meeting.

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We Help Build Team Engagement, Effectiveness and Retention.

Welcome to the Blogs by the Excel Group Team. We're passionate about building Team and Management Effectiveness.

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For over 20 years, Excel Group has helped organizations to build superior team, sales and management effectiveness with behavioral science and engagement practices. They are known for building superior Teamwork/Leadership at off site Team Meetings and Sales Conferences in Canada, the US. and Caribbean. (including Toronto, Collingwood, Niagara on the Lake, Montreal, Vancouver, Calgary as well as New York, Virginia, Atlanta,Florida, California and the Caribbean)

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HR Leaders and Hiring Managers: Know your talent. Receive a complimentary Disc+ report. *

Know your talent. Many, organizations use our online assessments for superior hiring, retention, and engagement of team members. Request a complimentary personalized DISC+ talent report today. Thereafter, at your convenience we can arrange a brief 15-20 minute virtual coffee chat, to review it. We can show you how we are helping organizations with their talent selection and retention (without any obligation of course.)

(*Intended for snr managers in organizations with minimum of 250 employees. One per organization)


"Organizations don't achieve results. People do."

We Focus on helping organizations enhance their culture through superior teamwork, leadership and communications. On occasion we send out blog updates or special offers. We never share or sell subscriber emails. (we don't like receiving spam either)

"While at Princess Margaret Foundation, we found 'Communicating for Team Success' an invaluable tool for improving our efficiency and effectiveness on a daily basis. This program also helped us gain an appreciation for the benefit of having people on the team with different strengths and approaches... the sum is definitely greater than its parts! Thanks Excel." S. Freedman

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