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Welcome to Excel Group's Solutions for Team Engagement that lasts beyond Meetings and Conferences.

Team & Manager Meetings/Conferences

Planning a Sales, Team, or Management Meeting or Conference? We have an option that will earn rave reviews from attendees while building effectiveness.

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Equip Managers to Coach in 1Day

Equip leaders at all levels with an effective coaching methodology to understand how to coach their different staff DISC styles in only 1 day.

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Online Profiles for Hiring Right Fit

Identify best fit job candidates. Ideal for Sales Teams. Consultants, HR and Hiring Managers. Train the trainer options.

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Behavioural Selling

Sales professionals can learn how to scientifically improve their customer interactions in a competitive landscape with a behavioral selling that enhances sales results

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Learn How Your Team Can Build Effectiveness Beyond A Team Meeting or Conference

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Welcome to by Excel Group. We help you build Superior Team, Sales and Leadership Effectiveness at your Meetings and Conferences.

Excel Group has worked with enough clients to know that organizations with engaged people produce superior results.
We help organizations enhance team and leadership effectiveness with engaging interventions using leading edge behavioural technology. From team meetings of 20 to large conferences, we help clients build effective teamwork habits that extend beyond the event and back to the work place.
We help build superior teamwork at meetings and conferences in Canada, the U.S. and the Caribbean.
Contact us to learn how we can help build your team's effectiveness at your upcoming conference or off-site/in-house meeting.



Excel Group helps organizations and departments enhance team, management and sales effectiveness.


Organizations don't achieve results - people do. 
For over twenty years, Excel Group has worked with a vast enough selection of clients to know that organizations with teams of engaged, customer focused people produce superior results. We’re passionate about helping organizations select and enhance team and leadership effectiveness with our engaging interventions. From technology firms and government leaders in Ottawa (French and English), national sales organizations,  international healthcare and accounting firms,  to US Marine Command at Quantico, our clients represent diverse industries and geographic areas.  From team meetings of 20 to large conferences, we help clients build energized teamwork using behavioral style science and online technology.

Core solution areas include: Team Building for Effectiveness Equipping Managers with Coaching StrategiesHire Right Fit.

Contact us to learn how we can help build your team's effectiveness.

"We have found 'Communicating for Team Success' an invaluable tool for improving our efficiency and effectiveness on a daily basis. This program also helped us gain an appreciation for the benefit of having people on the team with different strengths and approaches... the sum is definitely greater than its parts! Thanks Excel." S. Freedman - Princess Margaret Hospital Foundation

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For over 20 years, Excel Group has helped organizations to build superior team, sales and management effectiveness with behavioral science and engagement practices. They are known for building superior Teamwork/Leadership at off site Team Meetings and Sales Conferences in Canada, the US. and Caribbean. (including Toronto, Collingwood, Niagara on the Lake, Montreal, Vancouver, Calgary as well as New York, Virginia, Atlanta,Florida, California and the Caribbean)

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Welcome to the Blogs by the Excel Group Team. We're passionate about building Team and Management Effectiveness.

Top Tips for Team Off-Site Meetings

For every manager with a great reputation for leading offsite meetings, there is a manager who is known for planning meetings that provide cerebral nap times. Offsite meetings can be great tools to recalibrate, motivate, brainstorm, and...

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3 Keys To Coaching Your Team Through Change and Transition

We've seen more change in the last decade than our grandparents saw in their lifetimes. Customers are changing. Markets are changing. How can managers help lead their people through on going organizational change?

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Team Engagement: 3 Factors for Engagement Excellence

Can you tell the difference between an employee who is truly engaged, and one who isn't? Try looking at the difference in quality of service you receive.

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Teamwork or Team Walk

Sometimes even executives leave if teamwork doesn't work. 3 Tools leaders can use for better teamwork.

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Top 10 Coaching Tips

If you manage people, you should understand the importance of effective coaching. How someone is managed can have an enormous impact on their effectiveness and productivity, and thus impact the productivity of the entire team.

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2 Habits for Renewal & Stopping The Insanity

Did you unplug a bit this summer? Lately I have noticed that when you ask people how they're doing, they don’t generally use the word “productive” in their response.

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What is the Difference Between a Coach and a Manager?

One of the questions often discussed is, "What's the difference between a Manager and a Coach?" That question often leads us to another:

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5 Factors for Highly Effective Teamwork

This Team's success has been global. They have worked with U2, Celine Dion, Robert Plant, Bebe Winans, Aretha Franklin and the late Amy Winehouse.

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4 Failure Factors that Challenge Team Effectiveness

Take a close look at teams and you'll see that some function well, some just function, while others fail. How is your team doing? Below, you'll see 4 Failure Factors that challenge teams.

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Why We Returned To This Hotel  (again and again) After Vowing "Never Again". -    5 Keys to a Customer Service Culture

Have you ever had what you felt was lousy service while on holiday, and vowed never to return? Well, this hotel experience transformed us. We've all heard or read about nightmare experiences in hotels or resorts.

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Leadership Turning Dreams into Goals.  2 Starting points.

Over 50 years ago, Dr. Martin Luther King uttered the words, "I have a dream," in his speech at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington DC. We are already a few weeks past "Happy New Years" now. Typically this time of year represents a "reset " time or a new start on ...

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