Equip Managers to Coach in 1Day.

When managers don't coach effectively, there is greater talent turnover. From front line supervisors to CSuite executives, many managers have benefited from this straight forward model that integrates DISC behavioural science with practical application. Managers will enhance their Coaching and Communication skills with this fast moving easy to apply model to get results. They will have a tool to help lead on going change and improvement with direct reports. Delivered in 1 day with group sizes of 15-150 our Coaching to Coach program is designed for results. 

  • Lead your team in development through on-going change/transformation.
  • Engage people by coaching for commitment vs. managing for compliance.
  • Build Team Synergy in a manager group in one day.
  • Recognize another’s behavioral style and adapt to develop your leadership effectiveness.
  • Coach sales teams to take responsibility in creative ways to out-sell the competition.
  • Engage people to align their choices of action with departmental and organizational objectives.
  • Effectively lead others to model more of a coaching culture to align with organizational objectives.

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