Want to Increase Sales? Understand client/customer styles.

Want to increase sales? Have you ever been turned off by a sales person?

Consider learning and applying the Behavioural Selling process.

Can you recall an experience where you were “turned off” a product or service because of the behaviour of a sales person? Do you think they did that intentionally? Certainly you’d agree that it was likely unintentional to offend you since their compensation is based on establishing a successful relationship with you.

Studies indicate  that clients/customers change suppliers of a product or service mainly due to the dissatisfaction of the human interactions as opposed to the product itself.

Essentially, the behaviour of a sales professional has an enormous amount of influence on the client or customer’s decision to continue or to conclude a relationship.

 Studies validated that: 

  • People tend to feel comfortable with and buy from sales professionals that display behavioural styles similar to their own
  • Sales people tend to sell more effectively to people with behavioural styles similar to their own and
  • If salespeople adapt their behavioural style to that of the client/customer, their sales increase.

Most sales development/learning focuses on understanding needs, building trust, qualifying, handling objections, closing skills etc.. Though these sales competencies are important, the way in which a salesperson goes about applying them largely determines their effectiveness.

Thus the ability to understand and adapt behaviour to that of a client/customer is a critical success factor. In consultative selling, we all know how important it is to understand a client’s needs. In order to do this, however, they must trust you. This is why referrals from a trusted source may also be valued.

The behaviour of a sales professional can either add to or subtract from the trust level of a client/customer. It is this trust level that can determine their desire to share their solution/purchase needs with you.

For example, some clients will be detailed and analytical while others will appear interested in big picture and few details. Some customers will want to proceed at a faster pace while others require more time to process information before arriving at a decision.

A sales professional’s ability to understand, identify and adapt to these behavioural differences will determine their sales success.

There are a variety of behavioural profiling systems available to assist you in becoming aware of your behavioural style.  Some are more complex, while others are easier to understand for applying the knowledge of 4 quadrant behavioural theory.

In relationship selling, it is critical that sales professionals understand that the definition of a successful client “relationship” will change according to client personality. Some will be positively influenced with discussion over lunch or a golf game, while others prefer lots of factual data and information with less emphasis on personal interaction. Some customers/clients will be turned off if you speak too slowly (they may actually turn you off and not listen if their own pace is fast) while others will not only speak slowly, but will also be turned off if you interrupt.

If you or  your sales team is not selling behaviourally, you/ they are only 25-50% effective. How many times has your sales team  unknowinglyturned off” a potential client?

Disc Model - 4 Quadarnat Behaviours


Imagine how they could increase their sales with power and knowledge of behavioural science on their side.

 With behavioural science you can:  Clearly understand your behavioural style, understand the different styles of your clients and,  adapt your style to your client’s style in order to increase your effectiveness.

Go ahead…turn your clients/customers. Be aware of your behavioural style, observe theirs and adapt your approach/presentation to theirs for superior engagement than your competition. They’ll reward you with more business.

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