Selling with Style Enhance Customer Relationships

Today's business landscape is competitive. Customers are more informed. Sales professionals will fail if they sell the same way to all customers. Research shows that:

1 ) We make decisions emotionally and justify afterward with logic and 

2) People prefer to buy from or interact with sales professionals that exhibit or sell  with a behavioural style similar to their own.

One way sales professionals fail is not recognizing that customers have different buying styles and how to work with them differently for achieving positive purchasing decisions.

In 1 day, Sales professionals can learn to identify and adapt to customer buying styles.

  • Understand your unique communication and selling style with DISC. 
  • Learn the different DISC buyer styles
  • Learn how you can understand a prospect's customer's style and how to adapt to a greater buying experience and increased sales.
  • Learn why not all presentations work without style adaptation.
  • Learn how sales team members can communicate for superior teamwork.

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