Online Profiles for Engagement & Hiring.

Online Profiles for Engagement & Hiring.

From remote workers to socially distanced offices, what does a "wrong-fit employee" or "turnover" cost your organization in terms of actual costs and productivity loss?  What is the cost of a disengaged team member? From recruitment costs, management time spent, training budgets and performance impact on team members, bad hires and disengaged employees cost organizations 20-30% of  annual salary.  All the training and coaching of the wrong fit team member, will not turn them into a top performer.

The extent to which Jobs are appropriately assessed for talent dimensions and matched with successful candidates will determine the acceleration or restriction of high performance in achieving your organizational  objectives.

We can help you identify job needs and select top talent in key roles. From Sales Teams to HR leaders, we can help you improve profitability and results with tools for "Right Fit"  talent selection. In this time of remote work with less opportunity for non-verbal communication observations, we can assist your managers in better understanding team members' communication styles for superior remote coaching and engagement.

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