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With the post pandemic competition for talent, it is imperative that managers at all levels understand their team talent and how to retain it. Many HR Professionals and hiring managers use our DISC+ assessments (available in English & French) for hiring, onboarding, coaching to achieve superior engagement and retention. 

DISC+ is an online profiling instrument that looks at four dimensions of human behaviour: D (Dominance) I (Influence) S (Steadiness) C (Compliance) as well as motivators. Knowing your calibration on each of these dimensions gives you insight for self-awareness and understanding others. See brief DISC information here.

From remote workers to socially distanced offices, mismanaged, "wrong-fit employees" or "turnover" costs your organization including productivity loss. What is the cost of a disengaged team member? From recruitment costs, management time spent, training budgets and performance impact on team members, bad hires and disengaged employees cost organizations 20-30% of  annual salary.  All the training and coaching of the wrong fit team member, will not turn them into a top performer.

(See DISC and Winning the War for Talent)

The extent to which Jobs are appropriately assessed for talent dimensions and matched with successful candidates will determine the acceleration or restriction of high performance in achieving your organizational  objectives.

When team members know their styles and colleagues' styles, they can communicate more effectively and managers can avoid mismanaging staff. From Sales Teams to HR leaders, DISC+ can help improve profitability and results with tools for "Right Fit"  talent selection. In this time of remote work with less opportunity for non-verbal communication observations, DISC+ helps managers understand team members' communication styles for superior remote coaching and engagement.

DISC for Team Effectiveness

When used in department teams/ individuals will:

    1) Gain understanding  of their motivators and preferred communication style (learning  what motivates them the most and how they come across to others.

    2) Discover the preferred communication styles of their team members and  customers/client styles (learning to read team members,  customers/clients and their preferences) 

     3) Learn how to work together to optimize collaboration for results.  (how to harness  diverse styles for superior teamwork and sales)

    4) Learn what engages each style as well as what "disengages" them. (Yes some sales folks unknowingly turn customers off and reduce their sales -Read More )

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